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The Walking Shoes

"Tied Up"

   "Everyone has a story & everyone feels pain, the difference is how we deal with our circumstances"
(Hard Times Series)
"Many times we never know the struggle that goes on in a person's life, behind closed doors.
Everyone has a story & everyone feels pain, the difference is how we deal with our circumstances".
(Hard Times Series)
"It's hard to sleep when we stay haunted by painfull memories"
(Hard Times Series)
"As time progresses who's helping those that are regressing...
Prescription addiction is a real thing, please don't overlook or take for granted those who are
searching for a way out".
(Hard Times Series)

"When I give my heart to you I trust that we will go through both happy & sad times.
Just promise to never through my heart away"
"Love never seems to travel a straight line.
But it's worth the twist & turns when you find the right one"
We walk by them & give them change, we see them wondering the streets with no home, they speak & we rush past with no reply. Even those less fortunate deserve to be recognized.
Do you remember their faces?
I wonder how many people have gotten up & taken a stand to break the mental chains that hold them captive to their own fears?

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